Belgian connection: VIKTOR VRANCKX


Viktor, first year in RX2e and what a season so far! What is your feeling about this season?

My debut year is going so much better than initially expected. We have already managed to get a podium finish every time. I could never have dreamed of that at the beginning of the season! My most memorable victory was my first ever in Höljes, Sweden, the mecca of rallycross! That was a dream come true. I will never forget the emotion right after that victory!


You compete in an electric series. What can you tell us about it, what are the feelings about this car?

In this series all the cars are identical in terms of power, so that puts the emphasis on the skills of the driver and the ingenuity of the team that has to determine the best strategy and setup. What makes this car fun is that you can play around with the extra features, but it is mostly the instant power that is so great! It feels like you’re on an electric roller coaster; you step on the gas pedal and it just keeps accelerating!


Spa-Francorchamps will be a first for you, what do you expect from this race?

I leave without high expectations, as always. I haven’t driven here yet, but I’m confident. I will do my utmost to fight for the best possible place again. This time in my own country, with a lot of fans and supporters who have come specially to see me ride. That already gives me extra motivation!


You are coached by last year's world champion, Guillaume de Ridder, another Belgian. What did he tell you about Spa-Francorchamps? Did he give you any specific advice?

Guillaume is a great mental support and an excellent coach and spotter that I've already learned so much from. He has so much more experience and knows how to keep me motivated and calm for each race every time. We spend a lot of time preparing, but he also provides the best guidelines during the races. His best advice every time ... the gas pedal is on the right!