Belgian connection: KOBE PAUWELS


Congratulations on your championship title.  You are a champion at EURO RX3. What are your feelings?


The feeling when I crossed the finish line is indescribable. It felt like the biggest and best reward after years of hard work towards this point. I will never forget this day; so special!


Three manche wins during the season on five race weekends; that's a great result! What is your secret?


It's great to win 3 out of 4 races (and 1 time second), and then to be honoured as champion with 1 race to go, of course. I don’t really have a secret, I try to prepare very well for the race weekend at home, mentally and physically and by studying data and video material. So, I am very familiar with all the braking points and racing lines. That way, in the free practice sessions, it’s just a matter of finding the limits.


What is your best moment of the season?


I have a great moment from every race:

In Nyirad Hungary, we worked very well together as a team to eliminate our deficit after the first heat as best we could. And then in the final, in the last lap of the weekend, to drive one of my best laps ever to get ahead of my competitor.

In Höljes Sweden I had a bad start in the semi-final so I had to start on the outside in the final. In the final really good speed, I was going about 0.5 seconds per lap faster than the rest. Unfortunately, I was one lap short of fighting for the win, but I was very happy with P2 for the championship.

In Hell Norway I was the fastest right from FP1, and I kept that up throughout the weekend. We were about 6-7 tenths faster every lap, something that is rare in rallycross.


With Enzo and Viktor, you are 3 Belgian drivers with good results. Is there a Belgian "touch"?


Hard work, Belgian mentality and working together with & in your team, because you can’t do it alone.

Unfortunately, there is no race for the EURO RX3 in Spa. Will you be there to support your Belgian colleagues from the other series?


Of course! The Belgians did very well in Portugal, now it would be fantastic if we can continue that line, especially in Spa! Seeing Belgium on the top of the podium is the goal!