What is a valid Covid Safe Ticket?:

In order to be able to access the site, every spectator (over 12 years of age) MUST present a Covid Safe Ticket. Children under 12 years of age do not have to have a Covid Safe Ticket.

Prior to entering within the Circuit enclosure, barrier gestures must be used, so that wearing a mask and social distancing will be required from the parking area right up to the verification of the Covid Safe Ticket!


The COVID SAFE TICKET will allow entry to the Circuit’s site if you:

  1. Have had a full vaccination scheme : 2 doses of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca + 2 weeks  or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson + 4 weeks

  1. Present a NEGATIVE PCR test taken within 48 hours of arrival (date and time of sample taken) –
    • Validity : day of test + 2 days (end of validity at 11.59 pm)

  1. Present a NEGATIVE ANTIGEN test taken within the last 24 hours (date and time of sample taken)
    • Validity: day test taken + 1 day (end of validity at 11.59 pm)

  1. Have a Certificate of Recovery following a Positive PCR test (over 10 days previously and less than 180 days) via the app CovidSafeBE or to print off via the federal site: MaSanté.be.

Recovery certificates and single dose vaccination certificates are considered equivalent to full vaccination in Belgium

Who can get the CST?

The Covid Safe Ticket is the result of scanning the EU-COVID digital certificate via the COVIDScanBE app in order to regulate access to a pilot project or to a mass event in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Covid Safe Ticket thus allows domestic use of the EU digital COVID certificate.

Such a Covid Safe Ticket can only be generated by people who have received a vaccination certificate, a test certificate or a medical recovery certificate in an EU member state, or in the European Economic Area (EEA) (Vatican City, Andorra, San Marino and Monaco are assimilated to the EEA) or the United Kingdom or in Switzerland.

Non-residents may also get the CST. To do this they must request an activation code (CTPC code) via www.mijngezondheid.be (https://www.masante.belgique.be/#/covid-19/prescriptions/request). They can then ask for their result and their certificate via the app (demande de résultat via ctpc) (result request via ctpc) or via https://www.masante.belgique.be/#/covid-19/test-result.

It will be necessary, for these also, to respect the criteria mentioned above: complete vaccination + 2 weeks, or a PCR test -48 hours, or an AG test -24 hours or a Certificate of Recovery.

⚠️ Tests will not be organised on the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps site


Different scenarios if you are having a test done: 

✅ If the test is negative, the spectator will have access to the entrance checking of tickets

❌ If there is no test, the spectator will have no access to the site

❌ If he or she had self-tested, the spectator will not be able to access the Circuit site. Only antigen tests carried out by a health professional and registered on your  CovidSafeBE app or via the site MaSanté are valid! 

❌ If it is impossible to check the test, the person will not be able to gain access to the site. Therefore it is important to download the COVIDSAFEBE app before coming to the Circuit and to arrive at the Welcome area or at the entrance equipped with your identity card (and with a sufficiently-charged smartphone).

❌ If the test is positive, the individual will have no access to the site.



Obtaining the Covid Safe Ticket


If you have a smartphone, the CovidSafeBE app is downloadable from the App Store on  iPhone or from Google Play on Android smartphones.

Secure authentication will be carried out on the eHealth portal or via the app ItsMe, we strongly recommend you to use this method.

On this app, you will find your vaccination certificates, your test results (PCR & antigen tests carried out by a pharmacist) and your recovery certificate if you have contracted and recovered from the COVID-19 virus.

If you do not have a smartphone, the Covid Safety Ticket may be printed off via MaSanté.be under the tab Données de santé [personal health data], then click on Mon certificat numérique européen COVID [My EU Digital COVID Certificate].

Please ensure you print this following the 2nd dose if this concerns a double-dose vaccine. It is also possible to print off your Certificate of Recovery from Covid via the website. 

If you have no smartphone or internet, you can ask for your vaccination certificates or for your Certificate of Recovery from Covid by calling one of the following regional numbers:

  • Wallonia : 071 31 34 93
  • Brussels : 02 214 19 19
  • Flanders: 078 78 78 50
  • German-speaking community: 0800 23 0 32

Apps per country:

France : tousanticovid
Belgium : Covidsafebe
Italy : Immuni
Norway : Helsenorge
Germany : CovPass
Netherlands : CoronaCheck
Sweden : Covidbevis
Finland : My Kanta
Portugal : SNS24
Danemark : Coronapas
United Kingdom : NHS

(Full list of European countries apps: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/coronavirus-response/travel-during-coronavirus-pandemic/mobile-contact-tracing-apps-eu-member-states_fr )

My child is between 12 and 18 years old, what must I do?

In order to obtain the COVID Safe certificate for your child, allowing him or her to gain access to the Circuit via the Covid Safe Ticket, there are several ways to do this: 


Where can people get tested?

  • PCR tests: you must make an appointment in official testing centres.
  • Antigen (AG) testscarried out by medical personnel (pharmacies or other testing centres) and automatically linked to the COVID SAFE TICKET, will be admitted. However, Antigen tests are only valid for 24 hours. 

⚠️ Self-testing (antigen or others): do NOT give access to the Circuit as they are not considered to be valid tests by the authorities to obtain the COVID SAFE TICKET.

During what timeframe is it necessary to get tested?

If you are not completely vaccinated for at least 2 weeks, we advise you to get tested at the latest possible time in order to avoid any problem when trying to gain entry to the Circuit (validity of the CST) :

  • A PCR test on Friday or Saturday or an antigen test on Saturday or Sunday morning. Be sure to take into account the delay/time for obtaining the result and/ or crowds that may be present at testing centres or places.